Jim Rohn And His 10 Simple Steps For Success

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Jim Rohn was an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur and definitely extraordinary man who had touched millions of people’s lives. Jim Rohn Has mentored people like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Brian Tracy. He was an expert for personal development and also considered as one of the most influential speakers of our time.

When I see someone like him, I ask myself a question; “how does it feel to help so many people in the world?” How does it feel to know that maybe YOU are the reason people don’t give up?” I have decided to get ready for you 10 of the great wisdom from Jim Rohn which you can use in any area of your life whether it is your physical body, family environment, financial situation or your career.

Power of purpose

As Jim is saying, purpose gives you something that pulls you towards everything you desire. The strong purpose will pull you into the future. It will help you to go through challenges and difficulties you face every day. The more dynamic your purpose is, the more positive effect it has on life. It helps you to boost your imagination and makes your mind work in the right direction. If you are in the right mind, with the right purpose, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.


Self-confidence comes from feeling good about yourself. Small daily disciplines build your self-confidence. Those days when you feel like you gave it all you’ve got, at the end of the day you feel so good about yourself, this is the time when your self-confidence raises. And that is not all. According to the Jim’s great advice, self-confidence comes from doing whatever it takes and rising above your circumstances. Be bigger that those petty things and don’t let it get to you.


According to the Jim, the  real power of enthusiasm is the one inside of you what is about 90 %, only 10% comes from outside. It doesn’t mean it has to be loud. Jim is talking about enthusiasm which runs deep in you, created by confidence, created by purpose. The type of enthusiasm people can feel and recognize. They call it genuine enthusiasm. They know that what you say on the outside expresses the only small portion of the real enthusiasm you feel inside.


Jim’s advice you to demand from yourself to be the best you can possibly be. Work every day on developing your personal skills, organizing skills, language skills, skills you need while working with others. Once you master your skills, you can be the best in any area of your life.


Jim is expressing the fact that we are always preparing for something. E.g. in the first grade we are preparing for second, today’s night you can prepare yourself for tomorrow’s good day, the preparation for a meeting means it is important to you. But, we have also another way of preparation and this is a preparation for success. The important thing is that life doesn’t give you what you wish for or what you want or what you need, life was design to give you what you deserve. Prepare yourself to be ready for success, for a fortune when it comes.


As Jim said it in a very practical way and that you mostly look to yourself. Primarily rely on yourself, don’t expect others to do things for you. It simply means that you count mostly on yourself. Jim’s advice to you is to never complain and never explain.


We have two types of images. The first image is how other people see you. If you want to be a leader, you have to act like one so people see you and respect you, they trust you. Be the person who has confidence, who is certain about his or her decisions. People like to be around strong individuals. Have the image of the person who has influence but knows how to use it, be the person who has power but knows how to deal with it in the right way. The second type of image is the one more important and that is the image of yourself. The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you think. The kind of self-image where you know you try to do the best you can and if it’s necessary, you will work on your own improvement. How you appear to yourself is the ultimate importance. The kind of image where you develop confidence and self-reliance.


Jim advice you to become a person of high values, a person of principles and honesty, a person who earns respect. Let people see you as honest, helpful, fair, willing to do the right thing. Have the integrity within your community, let people know they can count on you. Remember, respect is very hard to gain and very easy to lose. Build and develop the right character.


Sometimes is easy to let it go and give up but you need to remember that ones who truly accomplished anything had great self-discipline. Make sure you do the best job you can, getting things done on time and your life will be far more different from people who don’t live this way.

Extraordinary performance

“Demand of yourself excellent results. If you want to live extraordinary, you must do extraordinary,” as Jim is saying. People can inspire you but you have to demand of yourself anything you want in your life. Better body, better health, better financial situation, your life it’s up to you.

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