How to Tear Down Your Label and Embrace True You

courage within you

Why do you hold on to your past and let it define you? What happened yesterday doesn’t matter. If you feel that you are living a life of disappointment, if you feel that you dislike what you do and who you are, it is time to check your label you carry within. How do you see yourself? Who do you think you are?

For many years I’ve believed that I am a “street child” because the street raised me. I obediently carried within me my past and let it dictate my life, even I disliked it so much. Do you feel the same way? Then it is time to tear down your label because you can change yourself in a heartbeat. You are only one decision away from a totally different YOU.

In this video, I want to share with you how this false definition of who you think you are is stopping you from growing and becoming the best version of yourself. Nothing in life can define you if you don’t let it.

Author: silviaturon

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