How the book “Success through a positive mental attitude” Refocused my Mind Back on My Goal

positive mental attitude

Personal development and creating powerful mindset are truly the alga and omega of success and happiness. Since we have such access to everything possible through the power of the internet, do you ever feel like words are losing their meaning?  How many hashtags with, let’s say, #positiveattitude are sent out daily or any social media you can imagine? 100, 1000, 100000? How many of us have developed this positive mental attitude?

In the past few months, I have been feeling powerless and kind of stuck, staying on one level, losing inspiration and focus on what I passionately want, so I knew something needs to change for me to refresh my focus back to my goal. I grab this book from W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill since I read their materials before and they never disappointed me. This time wasn’t an exception. The name of the book is “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude, ” and only after first few chapters, I realized that success is based on simple things, simple habits and small steps every day which I started to overlook.

We are surrounded by all those positive quotes and empowering speeches, which are all a great source of motivation, but real achievement lies in simple, practical and logical action we take every day. Success isn’t some wishful destiny which we “maybe” reach. Success isn’t about luck or finding a secret. The answer is right here, in front of you and it calls positive attitude.

Creating positivity in your life is an art. It is something you need to develop and practice every single day. I know that maybe you are thinking “Come on, I know what the positive attitude is. I know I need to stay positive.” I get it but do you truly feel positive? Are you happy? Are you seeing the opportunity in defeat? If your answer is no, that’s fine. There isn’t anything wrong with you. All you need is a fresh batch of positivity and knowledge how to get there. This book helped me to achieve it, and I hope you can find the same value in it too.

One thing I enjoyed while reading it was that it gives you simple, yet practical principles on how to achieve success and how to help yourself in different areas of your life. Since the whole book is long, about 500 pages and it works with 17 principles, I am going to share with you one which many of us will find useful.

It is a chapter 8, and it calls “The secret of getting things done.” I found this chapter of the book very compelling since it talks about procrastination. I mean we all know that procrastination is a bad habit, we are aware it takes our time away, we are mindful of the fact that it may kill our dreams. The book teaches that the primary step is to learn how you can motivate yourself by using a self-motivator expression DO IT NOW! You can only use this phrase once you know you follow through with the action, so the value of DO IT NOW is bigger than anything.

When you wake up in the 5 o’clock in the morning, and you want to go back to sleep, say DO IT NOW and immediately act. Get up from the bed and do what you do in the morning. In my previous article, I have mentioned that creating a habit takes approximately 20 days. Once you adopt your mind to expression, DO IT NOW! , you will command your thoughts with this speech and easier follow with action. If you get an idea, immediately act. Don’t wait, don’t second guess. Do IT NOW! Create a habit.

Self-motivator DO IT KNOW should help you to take action right away and create momentum in your life.

This is just an iceberg on the cake since this book has much more to offer than that. It helped me in a great way to wake up and see meaning of m purpose again. The basic principles of life and success started to shade away, and I begin to seek different ways which were silly because the answers are always here, available for us to not just learn them, but practice them as well.

A positive attitude begins to sound so corny that we can’t see the powerful meaning it has behind. If you feel that you hear the same thing over and over and it sounds like blah, blah, blah for you, you need to jog your mind a bit. Grab this or any other book you would like to read, seek new personality who teaches or practices what you are interested in so you gain new knowledge or refresh the old one. Stretch your mind daily and remember that success and happiness aren’t rocket science. It all stand on daily gratitude, laugh, sharing kindness and helping others, taking action when needed, understanding your purpose in life, where positive mental attitude will play the most important role.

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