7 Steps to Explosive Personal Growth

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Since 2016 is gone and we all have such a high expectations this year, it is time to stop sitting around and get into action. If you want to make a remarkable change this year, you must work hard on expanding your growth. Otherwise, you will be stuck at the same place 10years from now. I wish I could speed up the process and develop my mental strength 10 times faster. Unfortunately, I haven’t been given such a power (yet 🙂 ). One thing I know is that there are things you can do today to master your well-being.

The biggest mistake I’ve made was that I got too busy taking care of everything but myself. There was always this task, that problem which needs to be resolved, then I broke down and wondered what happened.

Healthy personal growth is a matter of your mind and nothing else. You alone dictate how fast or slow you go. Since we all are just at the beginning of a new year, getting ready for big things to happen, here are 7 effective steps to skyrocket your personal growth which will make a tremendous difference in the future.

1. Mind your business

Do you ever get stuck on one thing what someone said about you for the whole day? Well, since it happened to me and I know how much energy it can drain out of you, forget it. People will gossip and talk nonsense just because they got too much time on their hands or their life is pretty boring. Don’t get caught up in a drama or worries why others are saying this or that. It also applies vice-versa. Gossiping is a sign of small minds, and it only steals your time and energy. Mind your business and focus on yourself.

2. Care for your soul

Do you practice any meditation or mindfulness? Do you ever take the time to recap how you feel, why you feel this way? If not, we got a problem. This is a situation I mentioned at the beginning of this article. You are running around, trying to get everything done but you forget about you and your peace of mind.

Look, I know you are on a tight schedule but 10 minutes of your time daily isn’t the end of the world. You can be 3 times more productive if you feel comfortable in your own body. One thing I found effective is taking 10 deep breaths with my eyes closed, only focusing on breathing and good energy. I do this every morning, right after I have my glass of water. Try it out. I know it sounds simple but you’ll see the difference.

3. Your mind is hungry for positivity

Reading 10 pages daily from a good personal development book can change your life forever. It changes your perspective on many problems; it gives you hope that everything is possible and also it improves the way you look at life. Strengthen your mind because positive mental attitude is alfa and omega of every success.

4. Know your pain

Do you know how to define your pain? Do you know where it is coming from and what it means? I can’t begin to tell you how important this is. Pain means that something is wrong in your life. If you don’t face it, no one will do it for you. If you think that turning on TV and laughing at your favorite TV show will do it, I have to disappoint you. You will only postpone the process and make it a bigger problem. Here we go back to the #2 Listen to your soul. If you are in pain because of your job or a relationship, don’t wait around when the storm passes. Sit down and find the root of the problem. Then take action and make changes. Free yourself from misery.

5. Crystal clear goals

Do you ever wonder what the fastest way to get what you want is? Setting up clear goals. Otherwise, it’s hard to follow something or walk a path when you don’t know where you are going. The best way is to start with 5 or 10-year game plan and write down every detail you want in your future. What career you want to have, what company you want to work for, how much money do you want to make, how many children do you want to have? What are some qualities of your dream soul mate?

6. Manage stress

If you think that multitasking is something we should be proud of, I don’t think so. Maybe at the job you work at multitasking is required, but in your personal life, or maybe your business, it won’t come very handy. Multitasking creates a level of stress which causes negative emotional state and lack of potential. Manage your stress by always doing the most important thing in the morning and focus on one thing. Eating lunch while responding emails won’t work well. Remember that often it isn’t quantity but a quality of work you put out.

7. Learn how to create quality relationships

Just one title “How to win friends and influence people.” This book from Dale Carnegie changed my life, and it will impact you tremendously as well.

Look, we all are dying for respect, for acknowledgment, for recognition. We all want to feel important and valuable. Once you learn how to make people feel good about themselves, then you will become unforgettable. Relationships are one of the most important things in personal success or business. Things like, “You lost weight” (even if it is only one pound, hardly visible) can motivate a person to go to the gym right after that and work 10 times harder than ever.

Share kindness; it’s free.

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