5 Powerful Life Lessons Only Struggle can Teach You

Courage Within You

I have two questions for you. Do you believe that your life has been shaped by your struggles or your successes? Would your life looked any different if you haven’t endured all your struggles along the way?

It took me many years to understand that any pain which I have felt was never here to destroy me. I went through life, asking myself one of the most disempowering questions, “Why this had to happen to me?” I was too young to understand that we never learn while we are happy, but we learn from challenges, and your success is defined by the size of your struggles.

Since I know that many of us see struggle as this big scary monster who is trying to get us, I would like to share my perspective with you on this topic. Here are 5 powerful lessons which only struggle can teach you.

1. It puts you to work

The struggle is all about feelings. Difficulties push you to fight and make you stronger because you aren’t comfortable with the pain you feel. Once your brain detects the pain, it sends a signal to your body to do something about it.

This is the place where your strength is being shaped. You are trying to find the way out; you are trying to fight the bad in order to feel good. You are building your mental strength and becoming empowered.

courage within you

Being humble means recognizing that we are not on Earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others.

2. It makes you humble

Hardships will always put you in the right place in life. They will teach you the meaning of life; they will make your heart bigger. Struggle shows you how to understand people and how important it is to be there for each other.

In my opinion, any pain makes us more empathetic. We can feel others struggles because we went through the same or similar problems. We can give them our hand and help them to stand back on their two feet. Kindness and compassion are the best relationship builders.

3. It builds up your mental strength

Nothing can empower you and strengthen your mindset better than hardships. This is the time when we all should stop for a moment and ask this question: “Is struggle really the bad experience or place to learn and grow?”

Let’s say that you move to another country, all by yourself. Each of you who live abroad can resonate on this because beginning in the new country is never easy for a foreigner. You have been dealing with loneliness, sadness and other feelings along the way. But if you look back now, how much stronger and braver have you become?

I know it may be hard to admit it, but the struggle is the best teacher, and we can’t deny it.

courage within you

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.

4. It break limits

I hear people say, “I have no idea how you’ve made it, I wouldn’t be able to do that.” It is just their limiting belief speaking. If they are truly in the same or similar situation, they would think and act the best they can. That’s how we learn.

Life will always push you towards uncomfortable zones where you can personally grow and expand your potential.  You can compare this to people who teach their kids how to swim by simply throwing them into the pool. What is a child’s reaction? He or she is trying to keep their head above the water, using their entire strength and ability just to be able to breathe. Overcoming a challenge is similar to that.

5. It makes you a fighter

I think that we all need to have some guts to fight in life. The struggle is great training for that. Difficulties will make you stronger and more confident. Once you feel that you have taken punches left and right, your tolerance for people’s bullshit will lower and your self-worth arise.

I know that you don’t want to feel pain and I don’t want you to feel pain either. But some bumps here and there are useful to make you more powerful and courageous. Let’s at least try seeing our struggles as those life lessons we need in order to step up and go after what we want. The next time some tough situation appears, find the benefit and use it to your advantage.

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