5 Gratitude Practices Which Improve Your Life Instantly

courage within you

Life is simple but often our perspective on things makes it a bit complicated. Many of us go around and look for this vast treasure which supposedly should make everyone happy. We forget that we already have the best of the best, it exists within us, and it calls gratitude.

I remember my very first gratitude journal which I started about 4 years ago. At the end of each day, I always summed up everything I felt grateful that day. After a year had passed, I moved from New Jersey down to South Florida and completely forgot about any journal I wrote. Things just got too crazy here at the beginning, and my life seemed to fall apart. One day, as I was organizing my closet, found this journal on the bottom of my suitcase. I opened it and started to read it. It was so powerful and emotional for me at that time because I couldn’t believe how many things I had in my life which were fantastic and worth of noticing.

Since I know we all get busy and writing some journal or spending time on gratitude seems like too much time or effort, I am here to give you just a little tap on a shoulder and remind you something. Foundation of happiness and positive things in your life are exactly in a proportion of your gratitude level. Here are 5 simple gratitude practices you can do every day to improve your life.

1. Share it with others

Become the little light in the life of others. Teach your children to be grateful or directly share gratitude with your friends while having dinner. I bet everyone around you will appreciate that.

The problem is that we often focus on things we don’t have. Let’s say that you had a great day at work and made plenty of valuable sales. But the same day you also didn’t get approved for the car you want. This is just a random example, but people often focus on disapproved car instead of a good day at work.

When you start sharing your gratitude with other people and slightly point out those great things they have in life, you will uplift their spirit and feel grateful as well.

courage within you

Gratitude is one of the most medicinal emotions we can feel. It elevates our moods and fills us with joy.

2. Practice gratitude every day

Find the time in your day to practice gratitude and build it as a habit. Let’s say you will do this every night which is probably the best time to recap the entire day. At first, you can do it as the form of meditation where you just sit down, close your eyes and think of everything positive what has happened to you. You are inhaling the gratitude. After that, write it down.

The important thing is to commit yourself to this exercise. Don’t take it as something you do when you have time. Include it in your life as a part of your lifestyle. Practicing gratitude is like eating. You need to feed your stomach to live as well as you need to feed your soul with gratitude to embrace happiness.

3. Create a gratitude journal

Once you recap all those things which have happened to you throughout the day, get more serious and note them. Write down anything and everything you feel grateful for even just a bit. I remember that I wrote in my journal literally everything that made me happy. Things like doing my exercise routine, reading 10 pages of a book, doing my hair mask.

You know what makes you happy each day. Gratitude isn’t about those big breakthroughs and significant moments in life. It’s about noticing those little things we often forget about. It’s going to be very powerful when you reread everything after 6 months. Try it out; it’s a game changer.

4. Share compliments

Let’s say you compliment someone on their new haircut. You are making this person happy, and they feel good about themselves. With every compliment, the bond between you and the other person strengthen because you make them feel good and their smile and satisfaction make you feel good. You are automatically creating the feeling of gratitude in both of you. Compliments and kindness are power.

courage within you

It’s not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.

5. Get digital with gratitude

We know that gratitude must come from the heart and we need to feel it, so it becomes efficient. But since all of us are big phone users, whether you have Android or iPhone, you can use some tools to keep you on track wherever you are. One of the great gratitude apps is called Gratitude Journal. It is a free app which makes you write down at least 5 things every day you feel grateful for. Another tool is a gratitude website called Gratitude Jar where you share your gratitude with others, and you can also read their gratitude stories.

As you can see, there is no ceiling to what we can do to feel grateful every day. What is your most useful gratitude practice? Leave a comment below.

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