5 Advantages of People with Rebellious Personality

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What being a rebel represents for you? If you think that it is a person who smokes crack and is about to rob the bank and consider yourself being a “rebel,” contact me at contact@couragewithinyou.com because we got a problem. Other than that, a true rebel is a person who stands for what he/she believes is right which in most cases can be a pretty tough job.

Since I was growing up, I was often criticized for lifestyle or decisions I made. In the beginning, it felt lonely. Sometimes I even questioned myself why am I not like anyone else? Why all my friends are getting married and having babies, while I fight my personal battles for women rights and try accomplishing impossible? Well, we all are different and if you feel you got this rebellious blood circulating in your body, feel proud.

To ensure you that being a rebel is actually a good thing, here are 5 advantages every rebel has and why they are so important to live a fulfilling life.

1. Rebels stand they ground

Rebellious people don’t change their mind just to please people around them. They say things how they are, period. True rebels know how to make decisions and stand by their beliefs no matter the judgment from others. They accept criticism as a part of their life and also learning experience.

2. They expand their courage

This one is my favorite since I believe that courage is one of the most important attributes of personal and professional success. There is nothing more rewarding about being a rebel than having the courage to stand alone and gain strength at the same time. Since you will be judged by a majority of people and “how life should be” type of thinking, you got to have the courage to handle it.

3. They make a difference

Do you know how many rebels lived or still live who made some of the biggest discoveries and changes in the world? Those were people who were different, people who didn’t follow the “society rules,” people who often stand all alone against the crown of judgment and misunderstanding. The outcome? Living an extraordinary life and changing lives of thousands, if not millions of people because of their commitment to stick to what they believe is right. That’s what makes the difference in the world.

4. You can count on them

I’ve always found rebellious people honest and trustworthy. They understand the power of a word and action and they act accordingly. Rebels don’t hang out with people who are fake or not reliable, they spend time with those few they believe are true friends. That’s why they will always stand by your side. They know you, and they know why they want to have you close. They accept responsibilities friendship or any close relationship carries and make sure they got your back.

5. They were born to fight

I know it sounds tough but let’s be real here. Life won’t always play fair with you. If you refuse to follow the crowd, you must get ready for a fight. It often going to be a fight with yourself, with your doubts whether what you do is right. Rebels know that and accept it as a part of their life. They know that following their heart and overcoming any challenges will only make them stronger. They feel somewhere inside of them that they were put on this Earth to make a difference, to stand for something others are afraid to stand, to become legends.

Conclusion (be a smart rebel)

Rebellious personality is great to have, but you need to learn how to control it. Running around your neighborhood naked to prove that women don’t need to wear the bra isn’t the smartest step to express yourself. You want to let people know what you stand for and not that you are stupid.

Always respect others and listen what they say. Stay humble and be quiet. Take everything into consideration and then create your own outcome based on what you think is right. True rebels know how to play the game.

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