4 Reasons Why Grinding Beats the Talent You Don't Have

grind and hustle

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.” Tim Notke

What do you think have all successful people in common? What do you consider as the secret of their huge achievements and respect? The answer is hard, unstoppable work and commitment to their goals.

About 5 years ago, when my interest in personal development and mind power started to raise, I watched the popular movie The Secret. After the movie, I was pumped up to go out and visualize and attract all the abundance into my life. There was just a little hint, a little trick which calls action and without it, I can visualize and dream all they long, all I am going to have is the same life.

I don’t underestimate the power of visualization and law of attraction. They work 100% from my personal experience. But I also know that if you don’t go out, working hard and sweating for your goals, nothing will ever land on your lap just because you want it.

Here are 4 reasons why being the hardest worker in the room and taking consistent actions lead to success.

1. Hard work beats everything

You don’t have to have as much talent as others, or resources as others, but as long as you work hard and staying 100% committed, you can beat almost anyone. Hard work is a synonym for success, and it always brings great rewards.

I love reading a biography of those successful ones, people with extraordinary results who rock this world because in each and every story they had one thing in common, hard work and commitment. Don’t discourage yourself because your talent isn’t so great or maybe you don’t have money you need to achieve your goals. If you got the passion and dedication in your heart, I think you are already half way to accomplishing what you want.

2. Constant action creates progress

I bet you know the feeling when you have some difficult task to do, and you truly don’t feel like doing. But what happens once it is done? How much do you enjoy the feeling of satisfaction?

Tony Robbins said, “Progress equals happiness” and I think this is a very real statement. Almost nothing can bring such a fulfillment in life than progress and work well done. It gives us the feeling of importance and certainty that we can do it. We feel like we are in need in this world, we are capable of making things happen. It is what makes you grow and expand your potential.

3. It brings respect

No matter who you are, how much money you have or where you came from, hard work can bring you more respect that you can imagine. People admire commitment, dedication and those who keep going no matter how hard things get. Always let your action speaks because grind and sacrifice are much louder than thousands of words. Great commitment can shock people and let them speechless. It can also inspire them to change their lives and become better.

Have you ever heard about Sylvester’s Stallone story? I had read about his non-famous time before he made the big breakthrough with the movie Rocky only a few days ago. I was in shock to know what everything this man went through and still didn’t give up. I was so impressed that I had to write an article with his famous quotes.

Respect doesn’t just show up. It is a result of being different and having what others want. Do you know how many people give up quickly, do you know how many lack the high level of commitment and look for the easy way to do it for the entire life? Don’t look for the answers. Is right here, in front of you and it calls work.

4. It gives your life meaning

Working hard and creating something for yourself and future will make your life meaningful. You will build something you can leave behind; you will create a legacy. Every morning when you wake up, you’ll know why you are waking up, what your purpose is and how you are supposed to contribute to this world. There is nothing more frustrated than starting each day without knowing where you are going, without a goal or a dream, just rambling around hoping for something.

Great things don’t just happen. They are results of continuous action and also struggle, but they fulfill your life. If you know what you fight for, you want to fight two times harder. I dare you to find your passion; I dare you to understand why you are here. Grinding is hard, so is living an ordinary life you don’t care for too much. Find your strengths, commit yourself and work hard until you get where you want to be. No one is going to do it for you so get up and go get it.

What is your success formula? What hard work means to you? Share it with us and leave a comment below.

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