4 Mind Practices which Improve Your Emotional Strength

courage within you

Can you imagine that every day when you wake up, you are a totally happy person? Can you see yourself as someone who handles anything in life, a person who can adjust to a change quickly and see any hardships as an opportunity to learn?

I was always fascinated by other’s happiness and healthy well-being. Often I thought that we need to be born this way or lead this way throughout the life to actually become well-balanced. This false discovery wasn’t satisfying for me, so I started to follow more successful people and closely listen to what they are saying. After many years of reading and putting my knowledge into practice,  I understood that being emotionally healthy and happy is something that we can create in all of us.

Since I am a big believer that every success, happiness or victory are an inside job at first, I have for you 4 mind practices which can strengthen your mindset and benefit you for a lifetime.

courage within you

The more time you spend in your discomfort zone, the more your comfort zone will expand.

1. Deal with discomfort

Anytime we are in some painful or uncomfortable situation; we want to get out of it. Our body is programmed to protect us from this pain which often doesn’t benefit us in the long run. The problem is that many people instead of dealing with problems and feelings of discomfort, they try to run away from it, so they don’t have to feel it.

If you want to improve your emotional strength, you need to develop some degree of tolerance when it comes to discomfort. Don’t panic when this feeling shows up. Once you get into a tight situation, stop for a second and use your logic instead feelings to find the solution. The level of your emotional strength will equal to the amount of discomfort you are willing to handle in life.

2. Find your pains

As I mentioned above, people are often trying to run away from their suffering. We want to distance ourselves from things which don’t feel good, and I get it. But the problem is that what causes us to feel pain or frustration is actually a signal that the change needs to be made.

The next time when you feel pain, face it. You can only develop a powerful emotional strength if you are willing to work with your feelings. Why do you feel the pain of frustration or discomfort? What is the lesson you need to learn from this pain? What actions do you need to take to eliminate this pain?

These simple questions will clear up the fog in front of you and help you to resolve your problem ultimately, so it doesn’t affect your future.

3. Focus on everything you ever had

The majority of people I have met told me one and million things they don’t have, they suck at, but if you ask them what they are grateful for, there is long pause which becomes the biggest brainer for them. Why do I know that? I was one of them.

Your emotional strength comes from seeing your glass half full instead of half empty. Too many times we focus on things we don’t have and see other’s things they do have. This perspective will create a belief that you don’t deserve all those good feelings and happiness in life and you start to lose your mental strength.

One of the best ways how to turn this disempowering activity around is to start writing down everything that you feel good about. Every night, before you go to bed, take your journal and write down everything you are grateful for and everything you feel proud of for that day.

courage within you

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.

4. Seek knowledge which will help you to get to know yourself

Do you know how many of us don’t understand what is happening inside? It is hard to resolve your inner conflicts if you don’t even know that you have the power to do that. For many years I thought that my life is a product of my circumstances. I didn’t believe that I have a control over my life whatsoever. With this mindset, I didn’t even try to become different.

I challenge you to start studying and exploring who you are and how your mind works. You can change your life, you can choose to be a positive or a negative person, and you dictate the direction and your destiny. Knowledge is power, and it helps you to resolve any problems within. You’ll become stronger and more immune to challenges.

Often we don’t even know what we like or dislike, what excites or upsets us because we never pause and study ourselves. It doesn’t matter where you are going to get your knowledge; the important thing is to know who you are and be okay with that.

What mind practice you use to become emotionally healthy? Leave a comment below.

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