4 Mind-Games You Can Practice to Embrace Life

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The irony of life is that we constantly look for a balance, happiness or success outside of ourselves. We are chasing something “special”, something extraordinary while for the whole time lies within us. Positive and balanced life starts with you, quality of your thoughts and mindset you possess.

To be honest, I don’t even blame you for going out of your way, looking for something which will bring you all that you desire. Most of my life I have been walking around and expecting people to fulfill me, things happen in my favor, and if I didn’t receive it, I cried my eyes off on how unfair this world is. Then I opened one smart book, and my life changed in an instant. Understanding that your mind is running this show is the best way to save yourself some time and frustration.

Since only about 2% of the population really think because let’s be real, it is a tough job, I have listed for you 4 mind-games you can practice and set your life for success.

1. Walking through the fire

No, I am not advising you to walk through the fire as long as you aren’t on one of the Tony Robbins seminars. This metaphor means that you should always try to conquer your fears, break through them. Only by practicing this mind-game you can develop courage and get used to this uncomfortable feeling which comes with it.

2. Learn how to change your mental state in an instant

You know how that goes. You get out of the bed in the morning, hit your toe in the drawer and rest of the day is destine for a failure. Because of the situations like this which are entirely meaningless but have a significant impact on life, we must practice and find ways how to change our negative mental state.

Some people practice meditation, some watch funny videos or read a good book. You can find more information and practical advice in my recent article “How to Change Your Negative Emotional State within 15 Minutes.”

3, Use your imagination to see the big picture

Imagination is one of my favorites since it has proved to me as the most effective. Find a quiet place and close your eyes for about 3 to 5 minutes. See your future as you want it, forget about logic or what you think is possible. Visualize yourself walking in the place you want to be or live, see yourself as who you want to become. Feel it with every sense. It will not only make you feel better, but it will put your body in the vibration which is in line with what you want.

4. Become wrestling champion in overcoming challenges

Most of us see challenges as something negative what drains us. How about changing your perspective and welcoming challenges with certainty and excitement. I know it may sound crazy, but you can enhance your mental strength only by dealing with hardships and learn how to handle them.

The next time when you are faced with such a challenge, focus on a solution instead of a problem. Find out how to handle frustration better by starting with little challenges throughout the day. Instead of freaking out, remain calm and look for the solution. It is proven that people who handle frustration better, tend to become more successful because of their reliability in dealing with difficult tasks.

What is your most effective mind exercise? Share it with us and leave a comment below.


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