3 Ways to Become Obsessed with Your Goals and Make People Think You Lost Your Mind

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“Become obsessed about the things you want. You are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses as to why you didn’t get the life you wanted.” Grant Cardone

Has someone ever called you crazy or boring or out of your mind because you were obsessed with something and they couldn’t understand it? You had this big goal on the screen of you mind and the desire to achieve it was stronger than anything or anyone. It kept you up at night, and whether you were walking, sitting, reading or eating, all you could have thought about was your goal. You were obsessed.

I love to be obsessed with my goals. It gives me the feeling of excitement, and it drives me. Sometimes it even drives me crazy because I am impatient and want to have it immediately, which in most cases is not going to happen. I am driven by my vision right now; that’s why I am writing this article for you.

Take a look at these three ways how to become obsessed with what you want and don’t give a damn what folks around you think.

1. Have a commitment of a rock

Let’s say it’s 10 pm, Friday night. You are sitting on your bed and reading a great book either about personal development or something related to the area of your expertise. Others are getting ready to hit this new club in downtown. Do you care? I don’t think so. Obsession about your goals will make you see the bigger picture of life and what really matters in a long run.

The commitment will carry you through the hardships or when you experience temporary defeat. Your obsession will obligate you to keep going, and it will separate you from others. They won’t understand why you want to wake up at 5 am on Saturday morning so you can work towards your dreams, but they don’t have to.

2. Always see the end result

To keep your passion on track, it is crucial that you focus on the end result, instead of the journey. The journey is for you to learn which makes you stronger and more knowledgeable, but the end result will motivate you and keep you focused.

Anytime you feel that you are loosing the excitement or falling off, close your eyes for five minutes and see yourself already in possession of what you want. How do you look, how do you act, where do you live or what do you do. Use every single sense to see smell, see or feel your future and your dream. Within five minutes, you get obsessed even more to keep working towards your goals.

 3. Practice your success speech

Have you ever visualized yourself giving a speech to a group of people about your success? I have, and I must tell you, it really kept me going. Does it sound crazy? Of course, but who cares? Being crazy is part of being obsessed because you do things which other people don’t. Imagine that you have gone through the worst, you have experienced many failures and many triumphs to reach your goal. Now you are the guy sitting and trying to help those who want the same.


Only if you decide to stand out from a crowd and act in a different way than the majority of people, you will achieve extraordinary results. Set your standards high, do what you think is right, don’t listen to anyone who is trying to tell you that you are being ridiculous and don’t stop until you reach what YOU want.

Are you “obsessed” with something in your life? Share your story and leave a comment below.


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