3 Reasons why you Should Encourage Others in Pursuing Their Dreams

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“When you encourage others, you, in the process, are encouraged because you are making a commitment and difference in that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference.” Zig Ziglar

Can you imagine the day someone will come to you and say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up. Because of you, I can breathe and live my life happily as I never thought is possible.” What kind of feelings would you have inside? How would you feel? I bet more than amazing, and that’s why encouraging others is a must in successful person’s life.

Anytime I compliment others, or I encourage them to take a step towards something they want, I grow. Being supportive is opposite of selfishness, and this is what makes you a “bigger person”.

I have listed for you 3 reasons why sharing your words of encouragement with others should be a must in your life.

1. You may ultimately change the course of their lives

I am not trying to make it bigger than it is. Out there are a countless amount of stories where people experienced one moment, with one person which made the remarkable change in their lives. Someone encouraged them and showed them their real strengths, a capacity of their potential.

We often get so busy with problems and obstacles in life that it takes away our entire focus. Bills, health issues, work problems, difficulties with children. The circle is unstoppable, and the question is, “Where are we?” We don’t even have time to think, but suddenly someone appears and change our whole perspective. This person can be you. You can help direct others focus and encourage them. Show them that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Sometimes one little conversation means a fortune to the other person. Be a difference.

2. You change your life

As I mentioned at the beginning, changing other’s lives and helping them is a part of almost every successful individual out there. Anytime you help someone, you will change your own life, your perspective, you will grow and expand your potential, not only theirs. How does it feel to know that you have the power, the energy, and the capability to change someone’s life for better? Does it feel like something that may change your life too?

I believe that personal growth is one of the best learning experience we can gain and serving others is definitely a good way of doing it. If you see someone suffer, if you see someone dealing with hardships, go ahead and give them the right encouragement. Give them the strength to go on and provide them with the hope that they can make it. It is what makes you a human.

3. You create valuable circle and respect for life

Can you imagine how much respect and genuine friends you may gain? People will feel your kindness and generosity in your words, and they will value you. Of course not 100% of everyone you meet in life will fall into this category, but definitely a majority of people yes.

People will respect you because you helped them. You may create a circle of closest friends for life who share the same values. Never underestimate words of encouragement and strength.

What is your reason for helping others in pursuing their dreams? Share it with us and leave a comment below.

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