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Courage within you

“You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you.” Dodinsky

Look at yourself in the mirror. Take into account every little detail. Then look at your heart, your qualities, and character. Do you love who you see or what you feel?

I’ve met too many people (including myself) who didn’t love that person in the mirror, who didn’t enjoy company with themselves. I became addicted to self-love and self-worth and anything that makes you personally grow because I became fed up with my own self.

When for the first time I experienced the moment of feeling good in my skin and simply being OK with who I am, I was shocked to find out how little credit we give to ourselves. It made me actually realize that many beautiful, amazing, talented, hard-working and fantastic people feel like a shit and that’s not right.

Tons of talent and unlimited potential are wasted because of some mental blocks and blindness which keeps us from seeing our worth. With this being said, here are 8 ways which can help you to break these limits in your mind and give you the self-love you need.

courage within you

You are the most influential person you will talk to all day.

1. See your good qualities

Look, we all make mistakes because we are humans. And as humans, we tend to focus on our weaknesses. We compare our weaknesses with other’s strengths which make us feel less significant.

What are those good things you do on a daily basis? What do you usually receive a credit for? What is this one single thing you truly like about yourself? Once you find the answer to these questions, embrace them. Anytime you beat yourself down for your mistakes and missteps, stop and remember the thing you did well that day or a week.

I don’t minimize your problems, and I don’t know what is behind your lack of self-love because some personal stories may be horrific. But I do know that you need to start to shift your thinking if you want to make a change.

2. Practice mirror-talk

Stand in front of the mirror for 2 minutes. Begin telling yourself who you want to be. Do this every day for as long as you need to. This activity is only the tip of the iceberg, but it is a good place to start.

I know that at first, it may be funny or uncomfortable. But this awkward feeling is again the result of your low self-esteem. Maybe you are asking yourself “Why should I do such a thing?” Because you are worth it, that’s why. Because you are worth of feeling fabulous about yourself. Because you deserve a better life.

3. Help others

buy generic orlistat cheap always evolves a good feeling within you. This is another step on how to make yourself feel better as well as understanding your importance in this world. It will also distract you from focusing on negative things you feel towards yourself because you will be too busy in making positive impact on others.

Making other’s lives better is a win-win situation. You can’t go wrong with it. Each time you make an effort and help someone, karma will work in your favor and give you all this goodness back. And that is exactly what you need to feel right now, tons of positivity and good energy.

4. Burn you fears

I remember times when I was afraid of something, and instead of breaking through, I let the fear control my life. I was becoming more and more frustrated with myself because I started to believe that I am not capable of beating life but the life will beat me. It lowered my confidence as well as self-love.

I am not asking you to go right now and make the biggest breakthrough of your life. It all requires practice. Start with those little fears like making a phone call you are afraid to make. orlistat 50mg. I believe you’ve heard more than thousand times that courage is like a muscle and as much as you train it, it will only grow.

courage within you

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.

5. Don’t blame yourself

You aren’t the cause of everything bad happening in this world so stop blaming yourself. Stop putting yourself down for how bad you are. If quitting with this negative self-talk is the first thing you need to do, do it because it is killing you inside.

Whatever bad you have done in your life, it’s gone. Instead of centering your attention on the past, focus on how you can make it better now. Your chance is now. If there are your parents or your children or anyone else who you think you’ve heard, do the opposite. Show them the real side of yourself.

6. Analyze your surroundings

Who you surround yourself with has a tremendous impact on your life in a long run. Some people just love toxicity and will spread it all around them so they can poison others as well. Watch out for people who never support your ideas, who aren’t happy when you score because that means there is something wrong.

Sometimes it may take you a while to recognize negative and toxic people because they are trying to fake it. Listen to your instincts and feelings. Do you feel good about them? Do you feel their full support when it comes to your problems or victories? How do they react when you fail or mess up something?

7. Practice positive self-talk

As I mentioned at the beginning, standing in front of the mirror is one of the ways you can practice positive self-talk.  But you don’t need only a mirror to do this daily. When you are on a subway to work, when you are waiting in a doctor’s office, talk to yourself. Appreciate yourself. Tap yourself on a shoulder and say “Good job.” No one sees into your head. This is your own personal space. Use it.

8. Write down “I love myself.”

Write it down in your journal every day at least 3 times. Don’t miss a day. This little exercise is so simple, yet so powerful that you will see the real difference within a week or two. I know it may sound corny, but this exercise has its power so stay committed. You need to see it for yourself how useful all those little activities are.

What do you do to increase your self-love? Leave a comment below.

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My name is Silvia and I teach people how to turn their pain into power. My personal struggle inspired me to help people in living a powerful and fulfilling life which they create and control. You can find out more of my story by visiting my personal page www.silviaturon.com. Also, there is a FREE gift waiting for you. See you there!

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My name is Silvia and I teach people how to turn their pain into power. My personal struggle inspired me to help people in living a powerful and fulfilling life which they create and control. You can find out more of my story by visiting my personal page www.silviaturon.com. Also, there is a FREE gift waiting for you. See you there!

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