6 Ways How to Transform Your Mindset from Failure to Ultimate Victory

courage within you

“It is the “follow through” that makes the great difference between ultimate success and failure because it is so easy to stop.” Charles Kettering

Have you experienced the situation when you work hard, you have your clear vision, but no matter how long and how hard you work, results aren’t there. What is this extra ingredient you are missing out? What is stopping you from growing and have everything you’ve ever wanted?

I can go back to my elementary school where my lack of self-belief started. I had participated in many competitions and always ended up in second or third place, but never the first. Since then, I have adopted my mindset to the fact that I can be good, but not the best which made me almost the worst. So if you are sitting on the other side of this screen, putting great effort into your dreams and really trying to do the best but failing, stop for a second and check your mindset. Do you honestly believe you can make it? Are you sure you deserve what you want? The answer to this is a big YES, but do YOU realize this?

Since many of us suffer from this syndrome of “Am I good enough?” I have listed for you 6 ways how to find what is stopping you from achieving the best results and how to transform your mind from failure to ultimate success.

courage within you

It’s not what you are that is holding you back. It’s what you think you are not.

1. Look deep down into yourself

The first activity you want to start with is finding the cause. Why do you doubt yourself? Why do you think that you can’t be the best? Look, this is between you and you so be totally honest with yourself. Don’t try to make it better than it is but also not the worse than it is.

Never feel ashamed because of self-doubt. It doesn’t mean you are weak; it just implies that there was something in your life what made you feel this way. Certain events will stick with us for years. Then one day, suddenly, everything turns around, and we find out for how long we’ve lived in the dark.

Once you discover what the cause may be, don’t look at it and say “this is silly.” Nothing here is silly since we all have a different set of feelings and values. What is ridiculous for you, is important for the other person and vice versa. You have nothing to explain to anyone, only to yourself.

2. Chose the winning image

“How do you feel when you look at yourself?” If you see yourself as not good enough, it will reflect on your performance and overall results. Anytime you will plan to do something, your perception of not being good or smart will set you up for a failure.

But what if you feel good enough, what if you believe you deserve anything you want. It will, again, reflect on your results because you will be doing everything with the sense of certainty and confidence.

Close your eyes, and see yourself succeeding. It doesn’t matter that you don’t believe in it right now. If you practice it and focus more on success than failure, you will become convince that you are a champ. Therefore, you will adapt to a mindset of a winner. It will become a habit because this is how you train your mind to think.

3. What have you accomplished?

Instead of focusing on failing, look back and recap all your accomplishments in the past 5 years. How far have you come? How many hardships have you endured? How much stronger and smarter have you become since then?  Do you see how many great things you were able to attain?

The problem with people is that we often focus on the way ahead of us and the long journey we have to endure. However, this is an excellent way to keep your goals in front of you and have a clear vision, if you are putting too much pressure on yourself and not seeing your victories, you’ll experience more discouragement than satisfaction.

4. Be prepared

What is your daily routine? What do you do when you are off? If I tell you that your biggest opportunity is here, are you ready for it? Some of us fail not because of lack of potential or talent, but because they take too much time to realize that one day, there is no time.

If you are watching good chances passing by you and not doing anything about it, eventually you’ll lose faith in yourself and your abilities.

Instead of rambling around, build yourself up and be ready when a good opportunity comes along. When it shows up, grab it even if you aren’t sure how to handle it. You will learn everything you need to along the way and gain more confidence.

courage within you

Overthinking the process will kill any career in the creative space. You just have to do, not think.

5. Quit with overthinking

If I tell you how many times I went from the feeling of the “best life ever” to “how will I survive” within 30 minutes, you wouldn’t be amazed; you would be entertain. Too many thoughts can kill great ideas and excitement within a matter of moments.

Look, no has the answer to everything, and we don’t know what is going to happen in a week. So let’s live for the present moment. If you have an idea or you want to take some important step in life, consider the impact and then take action. Don’t dwell on it for too long because it will confuse you and slows down the entire process.

6. Always follow through

This is the common reasons why so many of us quit or adapt to self-doubt. You set up some goals, you even make a plan, but then you don’t follow through. Let’s repeat this scenario for a few more times and BOOM. Doubt and failure-oriented mindset are already catching up.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fell to continue; it doesn’t matter how many times you didn’t make it to the end. What happened doesn’t define you because you can always start fresh as the new day begins.

From now on, see yourself as this committed dude who can make it to the end. See yourself as this empowered woman who has what it takes to make a breakthrough. Don’t align yourself with your past failures, we all make them. Develop a commitment to yourself and the doors will start to open.

What do you do to achieve your ultimate success? What drives you and keeps you going? Share it with us and leave a comment below.

Author: www.silviaturon.com

My name is Silvia and I teach people how to turn their pain into power. My personal struggle inspired me to help people in living a powerful and fulfilling life which they create and control. You can find out more of my story by visiting my personal page www.silviaturon.com. Also, there is a FREE gift waiting for you. See you there!

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My name is Silvia and I teach people how to turn their pain into power. My personal struggle inspired me to help people in living a powerful and fulfilling life which they create and control. You can find out more of my story by visiting my personal page www.silviaturon.com. Also, there is a FREE gift waiting for you. See you there!

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