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5 reasons why people's judgement will drive you straight to success

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you remember the feeling when you found out (or in a better case, it was thrown into your face), how ridiculous and obsolete your dreams are? People described your actions as something crazy, close to some paranormal activity. And here you are, standing and looking around, trying to digest all the bullshit you just heard. At first, it may hurt. But I believe that once you are aware of who you are and what your true purpose is, you will flash all this blah blah blah into your “mental toilet” in a heartbeat.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned and I want to share with you is this “PEOPLE SAY TONS OF CRAP, DON’T LISTEN TO IT.” The fact is that no one lives inside of your heart or your mind to know what’s the best for you and what your greatest desires are. That’s your job to figure this out because let’s face it; you will be judged anyway, so pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay, get comfortable and watch.

The truth is that no matter how strong and tough we are, adverse criticism, especially from close ones may be a challenge to handle. It is the reason why I decided to write this article for you (and I guess myself as well), so I can show both of us that criticism is part of every success. Here are 5 reasons how judgment from others will drive you straight to success.

courage within you

You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you

1. It gives you inner strength

As I mentioned at the beginning, it all starts with buy generic orlistat cheap. The first thing you want to do (before you enjoy all the benefits of judgment and criticism) is making clear what you want and what direction you are heading. I want to encourage you to be okay with yourself and your dreams before you take all those punches and handle them like a king.

Judgment from people is a great way to build up your mental strength. Imagine that you are in the ring, facing all those losers who have nothing else to do, just to talk about you. You need to handle them one piece at the time to get on the other side. Since this is only a wild imagination, it feels kind of fun to do it.

If you look at the history, most of those we see as roles models where rebels who refused to join the majority, who refused to listen to others adverse judgment. Don’t try to fight for understanding since often your vision is something other people can’t see. And that’s fine; you are here to live up to your purpose and not someone else’s.

2. It gives you courage

One of my favorites. The right amount of orlistat 50mg. When you are faced with discouraging words and doubts, often standing alone, you will have the chance to test yourself. Will you give up or stay still and become stronger? I believe you’ve already established the second option.

My heart is deeply attached to courage.  Every time I look back, courage was the main reasons why I refused to give into people’s bullshit and run my race, knowing that I am doing the right thing.

It takes some balls to stay true to yourself since influence from the outside world is huge, especially with the impact of social media and all the exposure we are getting, good and bad. But once you decide, with your heart that THIS IS WHO I AM, there isn’t going to be one single person who can tell you otherwise. You just blow their meaningless opinions like a candle.

courage within you

All you need is the plan, the road map and the courage to press on to your destination

3. You find out who is real and who isn’t

Criticism from others can show you who is your real friend and honestly want to help you. I believe in constructive criticism because sometimes there are things we can’t clearly see. Those real friends are here to point it out to us with respect and help us to get better.

Then there is the second group. People who are just hanging around with a mouth full of words but when it comes to showing the true color, you know what the game is about.
The best thing you can do is to respectfully hear people out and then just follow what you believe is right. Don’t fight back and don’t argue. Everyone has their opinion and right to express it. How you react to it is your character.

4. It will build up your self-esteem

Let’s be honest. Too much criticism usually means that you are doing something right. Once you understand it and accept judgment as a part of life, especially successful life, every new gossip or a slap on the face will orlistat for sale 60 mg. Some people don’t understand that their criticism is like a motivational speech for you so let haters do the work.

Many people admit that in the time of crisis when they felt like giving up, thoughts about disbelief from others got them back on track. Let’s change our perspective on criticism and see it as something good. People talk about you because you are interested in some way, you are doing something they want to do, but their fearful mind doesn’t let them. Don’t get discouraged by negative feedback; it is here to build you up.

5. It encourages you and make you act rebellious

Why not be a little rebel once in a while? There is nothing wrong with that. Every respected person in this world has rebellious personality in the sense of way. No, I don’t expect you to run around with a gun in your pocket and punch everyone in the face. Follow your heart, that’s it

Stop being afraid of other’s criticism or what the world is going think of you. I believe that if your action comes from the heart, it will always pay off. How many lives have you gotten? 4, 5, 6? No, it’s one. One life. How much difference you will make in people’s lives, how much happiness you’ll create, how many breakthroughs you will endure is all on you.

There is this quote which says,  “Dance like nobody’s watching.” This is exactly how you should live your life. Open your mind and get the best of yourself.  We are in the 21st century, and this world is flooded with opportunities and endless chances. Take it, use it and never forget to help those who helped you along the way.

How do you handle judgment or criticism? Share it with us and leave a comment below.

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My name is Silvia and I teach people how to turn their pain into power. My personal struggle inspired me to help people in living a powerful and fulfilling life which they create and control. You can find out more of my story by visiting my personal page www.silviaturon.com. Also, there is a FREE gift waiting for you. See you there!

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My name is Silvia and I teach people how to turn their pain into power. My personal struggle inspired me to help people in living a powerful and fulfilling life which they create and control. You can find out more of my story by visiting my personal page www.silviaturon.com. Also, there is a FREE gift waiting for you. See you there!

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